Credit Operations in the Public Sector and the Human Development Index

Juscelino Kubitschek bridge - Brasilia

Credit Operations
This visualization intends to show relationships between credit operations on the Brazilian public sector and the Human Development Index. The idea is to facilitate the understanding of credit operations so the user can have thoughtful insights about the characteristics of the federated Brazilian entities' loans and the development of the country. Credit requests are the way that cities and states have to fund achievements of goals that would not be possible in the present time without the financial operation (which can be also understood as a loan), since local governments in Brazil are not allowed to issue bonds.

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About it
This Visualization was idealized and built by Frederico Rocha, Anil Kumar Krishna, and Anil Kumar Mallapur, graduate students at the University of Utah. It is the final project for the Data Visualization course.
The research used as the main source of information about Brazilian Credit Operations is the "Brazilian Public Sector's Loan Dynamics: Evolution, Impacts and Prospects, Rocha L., 2015", an awarded thesis at the 1st Magis Award, promoted by the Brazilian National Treasury, in partnership with the World Bank Group and the √ącole Nationale d'Administration.
The credit data is provided by the Brazilian Treasury Secretariat, The United Nations, and the Brazilian Public Data site.
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